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Stargate Sg1 illustrated companions seasons 5 and 6" Print E-mail
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Saturday, 27 December 2008 14:13

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  I found this article in the "Stargate Sg1 illustrated companions seasons 5 and 6"

"Colonel Jack Oneill(the one with two"l"_the other one apparently doesn't have the same sens of humor) has had quite a time over the past two years.what with new super-bugs, new super foes, more flase gods than you shake a staff weapon at and the loss(well nearly) of two good friends, it's enough to keep the smile off his face.

'I suppose the colonel had had quite a time" muses mr Anderson"remind me what happened again?.In common with his fictionnal Stargate counterpart , the actor can suffer from selective memory loss which seems to worsen when asked to recount some details from the past two seasons."can't i tell you about my new bike? he asks."or what about my random thoughts i'm thinking of publishing-as if anyone will read them."assurances that at least one poor soul would eagerly pore over his collected ramblings accompagny a stern admonishment that there must be one or two incidents that stick in his notoriously vague mind"what?" he insists"here have a look at theses pictures of my daughter"it's impossible to resist the teasing twinkle in anderson'eyes as he steers, nay, railroads, the conversation toward his very favourite subject.

"she is my angel" he smiles, referring to the very beautiful, very self-assured young lady in the photos."wylie is my reason for living.i can put up with the 5:30 am starts and the rigours of working twelve hours a day knowing that i'll be with her at the end of the week.our directors are usually really good at getting me wrapped reasonably early on fridays, so that i can dash straight to the airport and be on my way to's really important for me to be there to enjoy and observe and be a part of her development.obviously, i want to be with her throughout her developping years, but now is a particular time."anderson is delighted that his daughter has inherited his family'love and appreciation of all kinds of music"she loves the classical stuff, in fact one of her favourite videos is set to bach and she is definitely into jazz"that 's a trait wylie shares with her father and grandfather.

apparently miss anderson is a bit a daredevil on skis, although this is one area where daddy has been happy to take a bit of a back seat.
"we went on our first father/daughter skiing trip not too long ago and i did want to teach her personally but well you know what it's like.i wanted her to learn the basics properly but she wanted to fly down the slopes like daddy". attempting an unsucessful nonchalance about being wrapped around her little finger, anderson states"wylie and i came to the mutual decision that it was the best for her to go into ski school for a couple of hours, and then join me later. we set after that....

Anderson's memory also improves when talking about the other project dear to his heart , the conservation of our Earth's natural resources and wildlife:"a friend runs EARTH RIVER EXPEDITIONS, and he invited me to be part of a documentary film group whose intention is to raise awareness of the plight of the great rivers of the world.we want to educate the outside world as to how to preserve these amazing resources and highlight what could happen if the rivers are over-developped by big's a work in progress but we hope to eventually see it shown on the discovery channel or national geographic"

in between running his own family and rrunning rivers, anderson has found time to devote the odd hour or ten to running with the Stargate franchise. by the start of season6, the show had departed from showtime and arrived all guns blazing on the Scifi channel, a move anderson, as executive producer, took in his stride.shrugging he says " i was totally ok with the change of network and am very happy to be supported by the scifi channel. the powers that be worked out the sums, and it looked good for all the parties concerned, so in financial and creative sense it would have been foolish to go any other way."

despite his apparent amnesia, the actor offers a few opinions on the way Stargate Sg1 has progressed"obviously, Michael Shanks's departure at the end of the season five signalled a time of transition for us all.michael had expressed some concerns about his involvement or his perceived lack of it in the show and indicated that he wanted to move on. michael has always been a very valued member of our group, so the wheels were put in motion to accommodate his wishes. he knew that he could return at any time, and in fact has done so several times throughout our sixth season.he is a very solid actor.he is also flexible enough to deal with my bursts of spontaneity so i always have good moments with him."

like the character he portrays, anderson is pragmatic about the arrival of new cast regular corin nemec."people move on and we needed to fill a gap". corin memec coming in was a result of that.i've heard that some discontent was voiced by Daniel Jackson supporters but the introduction of the jonas character was part of the natural evolution of the show.and he is doing a good job. sure it must be different coming into an established group that shares the amount of history we do but we are pretty friendly bunch and there are worse place to be."
talk of 'places to be' brings us round to where the actor feels he wants to be in the not too distant future."well, i'll stop short of saying i'm going to retire outrightt but i will be taking steps to make sure that i ease back on work a lot more, so i can spend time with my little girl. this may mean i spend a less time in vancouver and more in california.we're currently trying to figure out how to make that happen it will happen. i feel like i'm somewhat ready to start enjoying what i'ver worked fairly hard to achieve!.as for the longer term..who knows.having spent such a large part of my life living within the stargate universe, i admit that i'm looking forward to experiencing different will be quite a transition and will, no doubt, be fraught with new challenged, but on the whole, i'm pleasantly anticipating that time"
as for the very irreverent colonel, Anderson says"as this juncture, i have no idea what's in store for O'neill or where he is headed.but i'm sure he'll get to whoever he 's going in his usual straightforward, nonchalant way!"

"Stargate SG1 Illustrated
Companions seasons 5 and 6" :
Copyright 2002 to
Thomasina Gibson


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